Making a Difference – How a UK-U.S. Free Trade Agreement will deliver for SMEs across the UK

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of the British economy. For tens of thousands of these firms, international trade has become an important element, and sometimes necessity to their success. Yet, building an international business is not easy. It requires resources and support, and most importantly, trading corridors that enable trade ambitions to be realised.
Making A Difference – How a UK-U.S. Free Trade Agreement will Help SMEs Across the UK’ makes a case for why it is right that the UK Government has put SMEs at the heart of its global trade agenda, reflecting the gains that can be achieved if trade barriers are to be removed.
Produced in collaboration between BritishAmerican Business and the UK Department for International Trade, the report summarises the findings from a virtual ‘roadshow’ across the UK, conducted in 2020. 60 growing businesses told us their stories of what makes a difference to them when it comes to trade.
A glimpse of what we learned: There is unprecedented excitement for a UK-U.S. FTA amongst the SME community in the UK. And a successful FTA needs to sit at the heart of a triangle of action and support.
For more information on the report and its findings, read the Press Release here.

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