A message from BABC OC President

Welcome to the Orange County Chapter of the British American Business Council.

2016 was a year that not many of us predicted, not even the British bookmakers who normally “never get it wrong.” With UK voting to leave the EU and the victory of US President Elect Trump, we may ask where does this leave the special relationship that both the UK and US have enjoyed for generations? Moving forward now in 2017, I feel that the work by BABC chapters has never been more relevant and important as it is now.

Our BABC OC chapter continues to thrive, however with mixed emotions we announce the retirement of Valerie Blackholly, our Executive Director for the best part of 25 years. We will all sorely miss Val and wish her great happiness with her children, grandchildren and her zest for travel.

As I step into the Interim President role, a huge thanks to my close friend and colleague Joey Benadretti for a great 2 years at the helm. We all look forward to soon announcing our leadership succession plan for the next 6 years, please stay tuned.

Our objectives for 2017 are to transition our new Executive Director into the role and engage our entire audience toward our mission “to broaden business efforts to strengthen relationships, both personally and professionally.” I will do my absolute best in this regard and hope you will join us at our next event,

Interim President, BABC OC
General Manager
Hilton Anaheim