Investing in the United States

The BABC has partnered with United Kingdom Trade & Investment (UKTI) to keep updated on all trade & investment news. UKTI promotes British companies that do business in the US and American companies doing business in the UK.
Find more information at UKTI Exporting to the US report.
Danny Lopez – British Consul General in New York and Director General for UK Trade & Investment USA
Dan Rutstein – Regional Director for the West & Central US at UKTI and Advisor to the Board (BABC-OC)
Carlo Cavagna – Head of Trade & Investment  at UKTI
British American Trade & Investment insight to investing in the U.S, offering advice to British companies involved in, or considering expansion into the US. Click here to see the digital version of BATI’s guide to investing in the US.BATI also provides practical advice and regional statistics to help you find necessary information for Investing in the US.
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