Chad Sinclair

Chad Sinclair has been a BABC member since 2013 and was recently appointed Chair of the BABC Young Professionals Network. In addition, he serves as a member both of the Membership and Marketing Committees. Chad was educated at Oxford Brookes University where he earned his BSc. in Applied Accounting. As a Senior Associate in Deloitte’s Mergers and Acquisition Practice, he applies his nine plus years of experience to provide audit, accounting and other business advisory services to companies operating in the financial services sector, as well as other industries. Prior to his time at Deloitte, Chad worked in the Financial Services Sector of Ernst & Young.
We are delighted to count Chad as one of our most engaged millennial members, and we appreciate his willingness to lend a hand and volunteer his time. His unique perspective, expertise and connections help us further the BABC OC’s goals and mission.
Chad not only gives of his time and talent to the BABC, but he is an active participant in his University’s US Alumni Network – and it has not gone unnoticed. In his university’s 150th Anniversary Year, Chad has been appointed President of the US Alumni Network that currently identifies 2000 alumni, with the expectation of that number continuing to grow.
He recently chaired and coordinated the first alumni event on the West Coast that attracted alumni from all walks of life. The event was part of the university’s “International Wave Events”, celebrating the more than 120,000 alumni who live in 189 different countries around the world. Oxford Brookes University Alumni are internationally recognized for achieving their potential, and by their focus and commitment to enrich the communities they work in.
The BABC OC is energizing our Young Professionals Network, and we are looking forward to Chad’s involvement and leadership. If you would like to participate, or know more about this stimulating and forward thinking segment of the BABC OC, please contact Chad – Mobile: 949-878-1922